Our Team

Dale Brinsky
B.A. Psychology & Sociology – University of Kentucky
Research Interests: Bullying & victimization, juvenile delinquency, & conduct disorders
Personal Interests: Painting, hiking, cooking, & reading
Fun fact: I’ve ridden a camel 3x as many times as I’ve ridden a horse

Email: dale.brinsky@siu.edu

Dani Chambers
M.A. Clinical Psychology – SIU
B.S. Psychology, Biology Minor – Kentucky Wesleyan College
Research Interests: Pediatric Psychology, Behavioral Sleep, Integrated Behavioral Health
Personal Interests: Tennis and traveling

Email: dhadler@siu.edu

Austin Gordon
M.A. Clinical Psychology – SIU
B.S. Psychology, Child and Family Development Minor – Missouri State University
Research Interests: Bullying and victimization, risk and resilience, mindfulness
Personal Interests: Golf, Yoga, Travel
Awards: 2018-2019 SIU Master’s Fellowship

Email: austin.gordon@siu.edu

Ashley Harrison
B.A. Psychology & Political Science – Cleveland State University
M.A. Clinical Psychology – University of Dayton
Research Interests: Bullying perpetration/victimization, the effects of bullying, and peer relationships
Personal Interests: Puzzles, reading, and traveling
Fun fact: I have a twin brother who has his culinary and pastry degree

Email: ashley.harrison@siu.edu

Genni Newsham
B.A. Psychology – Purdue University Fort Wayne
Research Interests: Neuropsycholgy, Psycholinguistics, Technology
Personal Interests: Reading, baking, cats
Fun fact: I have performed in concert with the band Kansas

Email: genni.newsham@siu.edu

Katie Hnetkovsky
B.A. in Psychology-Southern Illinois University
Research Interests: sleep, the effects of childhood trauma on development, bullying, pretend play therapy
Personal Interests: Running, eating good food, and reading
Fun fact: I have seen Melissa McCarthy in Carbondale before.. at Quatro’s!!

Email: kaitlyn.hnetkovsky@siu.edu

Jennifer Ramasami
M.A. in Clinical Psychology – SIU
B.S. in Psychology, Spanish Minor – Loyola University Chicago
Research Interests: pediatric psychology; sleep, chronic illness, medical adherence
Personal Interests: reading, swimming, watching movies, cooking

Email: jramasami@siu.edu

Alicia Reed (recent undergraduate)
B.A. Psychology, Sociology Minor – SIU
Research Interests: children and adolescents; ethnic minorities
Division I Student Athlete (Track & Field)


Mary Louise Cashel, Ph.D.Youth Violence Prevention Lab Director
Associate Professor
School of Psychological and Behavioral Sciences

Tammy Kochel, Ph.D.
Criminology and Criminal Justice

Daryl Kroner, Ph.D.
Criminology and Criminal Justice