Undergraduate Opportunities


The SIU Youth Violence Lab is directed by Dr. Mary Louise Cashel, an Associate Professor and faculty member in the School of Psychological and Behavioral Sciences.  Our lab broadly focuses on projects designed to assess the experience of trauma, aggression, bullying and peer conflict among children and adolescents, and the effectiveness of community, school, and therapeutic interventions.

One of our current projects is focused on the evaluation of Systematic Supervision, an evidence-based approach to monitoring playgrounds for the prevention of bullying and peer conflicts, and the promotion of school safety.

How can SIU Undergraduate Students become involved?

Pre-Professional Practicum Opportunity (PSYC 393)

Students who register for PSYC 393 Community Field Placement will receive training in Systematic Supervision and will then be assigned to assist with playground monitoring at one or more local elementary schools in the Carbondale area.  Students will need to commit to working at least 3 hours per week (scheduled between 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m., when recess periods are typically held).

Research Experience:  Individual Project (PSYC 391/392)

Student who register for PSYC 391/392 (391 is graded P/F) will assist with the evaluation of Systematic Supervision.  They will be involved in data management, coding, reliability, and validity studies.

How can a SIU student benefit from becoming involved?

Career related experience

Students majoring in Psychology and other fields related to child development, education or youth recreation may benefit from the experience of directly interacting with youth and staff in school settings.  This type of experience can be listed on a resume and the Director of this program can provide professional references for students in the future.

Students interested in pursuing graduate studies (i.e., Master’s or Doctoral programs) will benefit from the opportunity to gain research experience.  For some students there may be opportunities for co-authorship on professional presentations and publications.  These experiences can be noted in graduate school applications.

Course credit and fulfillment of requirements toward the major

Students will register for either PSYC 393 or PSYC 391/392, which contribute to fulfillment of undergraduate degree plan requirements.  Note:  Of all credits that a student completes for PSYC 391, 392, 393, and 394, a maximum of three hours from any or all these courses may count towards the major.  These courses can also be taken as electives.

Who is eligible to participate?  

Anyone who is:

  • Enrolled at Southern Illinois University
  • 18 years or older
  • Willing to participate in 5 hours of training
  • Willing to commit 3 hours per week throughout the semester
  • Free of any criminal history 

A formal background check is required for all participants.  This will involve fingerprinting and a driver’s license check.

If you are interested, please complete our application form online (link appears below).  If approved, we will process the override necessary for you to register for either PSYC 393 or 391/392.

Link to Application Formhttps://bit.ly/3vAZ08F

We hope to work with you next semester!